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Why Haven’t I Received My Order?

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Many people order on the internet and wonder why they haven’t received their order yet.

We process many orders every day. Some get shipped that same day and are delivered the very next day. However, in some circumstances, you may have to wait much longer…

If you placed your order online, we may have processed your order already and even prepared a shipping label. However, we may have chosen to not release your package for shipment yet. When we prepared your label, FedEx or the US Post Office may have sent you a tracking number for your shipment… but when you look up your shipment, it just says “electronic information has been received”. This usually indicates that we haven’t yet given them your package.

The most common reason for holding shipments has to do with the timing; that is, if it is going to take 3 business days in the mail, we only ship on Mondays or Tuesdays so your package doesn’t get stuck over the weekend in a mail truck adding two more days to the shipping time… which can thaw frozen products or starve plants. Even our skin creams are very perishable and may not stand shipping during the heat of the summer.

The other big reason we hold shipments has to do with the winter weather. As an example, if we ship to an area where the cargo passes through an area below freezing, aloe vera pups may die. We usually prepare your packaging for shipments, however, we wait to pluck the pups from the ground until the weather will permit a safe delivery. We check the weather patterns between us and you to make sure they won’t freeze.

Thank you for your patience. If you feel you don’t fit into either of these explanations and are wondering where your package is, please contact us with your order details and we will find out what happened.

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