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Vitamix S30

Vitamix S30

You know I have been a fan of Vitamix blenders – the last blender you would ever have to buy. Well, it seems I may have been wrong…

I just received a notice about the new Vitamix S30. It a personal blender with 20 and 40 oz. containers. It is built with the same standards as the full size blender including high power, variable speed control, durability, and relibility. This new blending system is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Stay tuned as I will be updating this page with pertinent information about where you can buy a Vitamix S30.

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    Dear Dr. Haley,
    What is a GAPS practitioner? I have heard of it but don’t know much about it, the benefits, downside, etc. Does it affect your teeth? I think I have metal toxicities as I had a left jaw prosthesis put in 5 years ago and ended up on disability due to the immune problems and other major health problems that I developed from having this stuff (titanium – yes you can be hypersensitive to it! – cobalt, chromium, molybdenum, polyethelene, coralline hydroxyapatite which is colonized with bacteria now and we are trying to figure out how to remove it from my maxilla without causing major mobility problems with my maxilla and then ultimately using my own hip bone to replace the hydroxyapatite that is in there – vanadium, aluminum, nickel, etc. are in this prosthesis). I’m now on alot of probiotics, been on IV antibiotics, immune globulins, etc. You name it and I think it has been a post-operative problem caused by this metal. I’m hoping this aloe vera will help me with my immune system and my gut flora, etc. Please let me now about GAPS. My teeth that used to be very naturally white and I have only had one cavity (I’ve had the metal removed from that cavity) and turning a yellowish color and dark in between the teeth. I brush, floss, etc. When I have a professional cleaning which is 4 times a year now, my teeth looks great for about 2 weeks and then the dark stuff starts coming back as if I am dipping snuff or something. It’s awful. Any ideas? OK, thank you and please let me know the best way to drink or use your aloe vera. I like to make smoothies as I have difficulty swallowing now so if you have any ideas on what to add to it in a blender, please let me know. Thank you very much.

      Please do call and we’ll discuss these things. I believe you will find the GAPS diet helpful for improving your gut. There are other things you can do to that will help.

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