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How to Plant and Care For Aloe Vera

A recently transplanted baby aloe vera

If you just placed your Aloe vera pup order, you can expect us to harvest, pack, and ship to you on a Tuesday or Wednesday for delivery before the weekend. We avoid shipping later in the week so that it does not spend extra time over the weekend in a box at the postal hub. We want you to get them back in the ground as soon as possible.

Aloe vera seems to grow much better in sandy soil. That is one secret to Aloe vera plant care. The growing medium needs to drain well. Think cacti, or other succulents, and provide good drainage – whether you are growing Aloe indoors or out.

What to expect after planting

A short time after planting your pups, you might notice the leaves turn reddish-brown. In fact, they may already be this color by the time you get them. I assure you, it is normal for the pups to change color when they are out of the ground.

Furthermore, the Aloe pups might remain like that for quite some time – at least a month, maybe longer, depending on the season. Don’t fret. Aloe vera is quite hearty and is capable of springing back, even when re-potting has been delayed for a couple weeks.

Aloe does not like to sit in water

Do not over-water your pups. When it becomes thirsty, your plant will feed off itself. The leaves provide the plant plenty of water in drought-like conditions. Over-watering is conducive to fungus like growth at the base of the leaves, spreading to the roots. The best way to take care of your Aloe vera is to water sparsely — especially during winter dormancy. Don’t be afraid to let the soil become bone dry before adding water.

Adding nutrients to the soil

Aloe vera flowers
The flower of a mature Aloe vera plant

Aloe vera will thrive with very little care. Keep the plant warm and dry — maybe give it a hug and a smile now and then — and your plant will be happy. Fertilization is not normally necessary. However, to better guarantee Aloe’s beautiful flowers in the springtime and plenty of pups, you can apply a diluted solution of an organic bloom-encouraging 10-40-10 fertilizer. Use less than you think! Aloe vera does not like to have it’s environment changed drastically.

While it is possible to mix your own fertilizer, most folks opt for a suitable (organic, mind you) blend from the garden center. Be mindful here: too much and too strong can harm your Aloe, not help it. Remember, we said “diluted.” Never use more than a half-strength (add water) solution. By the way, have I told you: “don’t use too much fertilizer”?

You can grow Aloe indoors or out

Aloe vera plants are used to being outside and getting lots of sunshine. However, they can also do well indoors.  Just be sure to provide as much direct sunlight as you can. Aloes love the sun. Once established, Aloe can take about as much heat and light as any plant on the planet. Our Florida-raised plants seem to prefer about 20% shade. However, they thrive quite well in an open field too.

Again, indoors is fine — but position your plant near a window (facing south, east, or west). Never leave Aloe sitting in a dark corner away from sunlight. That is no way to treat a friend. Moreover, you should take your Aloe outdoors occasionally, just be sure there is no chance of the temperature dropping to anywhere near freezing.

Aloe can grow really well, given the opportunity

The eventual size of an Aloe plant is directly related to the size of the pot or space in which it is planted. If you want your plant to grow without hindrance, you should provide a home containing five gallons or more of soil.

Whether or not you allow the pups to remain with the mother plant will have a profound effect on how well the mother thrives. Remove the pups for maximum increase. Watch the counter to see how many Aloe pups Dr. Haley harvests from a mature plant in the video embedded below: Aloe care.

You can grow Aloe successfully

By providing the right amount of water and sunlight, keeping your Aloe plant or plants warm, and by giving them plenty of love … you can grow Aloe vera successfully. For more information, please contact us. We love to hear your questions.

Aloe is one of the most amazing plants anywhere. Why not bring one home?

31 thoughts on “How to Plant and Care For Aloe Vera

    I would love a Stockton aloe vera plant in the Spring. I live in Northern Calif. I have
    some gel and it works well on skin problems. I don’t have any sunny windows. My apartment faces North. Thanks.
    Adrienne Elliott

      We don’t ship them until the weather is better… usually May to October. That is why we have a waiting list link in the cart. If you join the list now, you will be invited several weeks before those that wait.

    if planting indoors. will the plant grow to the size of the pot. Or will it outgrow the pot.

      It depends… they don’t usually grow much bigger than the pot… and the roots consume all the soil in the pot… and they grow tall and skinny, especially when there is not enough light.

    How many ounces of gel does 1 mature leaf produce?

    Thank You!

      5 to 10 depending on its size and the skill level of the person cutting it.

    I’m excited! I got the email saying I made it to top of waiting list. I have some normal aloe and will keep it until my pups grow big and strong. I found Aloe1 when I was trying to find how to care for the aloe that came with the house we bought. It was not cared for, and had a custer of over 30 plants and pups.
    Yes, even regular aloe thrives being neglected in a front yard competing with other plants for elbow room in Tampa area, Florida (exact location not shared, to keep that bad apple from coming and stealing my new pups that I don’t even have yet, ha ha).
    Thank you!

    Just ordered. Can’t wait. So excited! Loved the specials that were also,offered!

    So sad the raw frozen gel can’t be delivered internationally. Any chance the aloe pup can make it all the way to Malaysia?

      Shipping plants internationally causes customs problems.


      If you want… but they don’t grow big when they are crowded.

    What organic brand soil mix would you recommend?

      I don’t have a recommendation regarding brands… in fact “soil” tends to hold moisture more than I like. I prefer a sandy soil mixture… something that drains well.

    And how do i staighten it up?

      Is it leaning toward the greatest amount of sunlight? Have you been harvesting leaves from the bottom (which is the best place to take them from…) ?

    Why is my aloe vera stem not straight? Its curved

    Hi I just put my name down on your list and I live in Vermont, so just wondering, it is now January, will u send me them in the spring, summer or early fall if I’m next on the list even though it’s winter here now?

      When the weather is warm, we will start at the oldest entry first contacting about 50 per week on the list and hoping to get through the whole list before it gets too cold again.

    So happy to get aloe pup waiting list email today. I was thinking it would be five years. It was less than one year I think. Will be happy when the stork delivers my new babies ……

    How can I get some aloe vera plants from you to start planting around my house in southeastern Oklahoma? Can you ship about 4-5 pups to me and what would the cost be?

      We are working our way through the waiting list now. So far, we have invited 300 people from the waiting list to purchase pups just in the past few weeks. Are you currently on the list yourself?

    Do you know of somewhere in Los Angeles where I could purchase this variety? I did place myself you your waiting list, but of course I don’t want to wait… 🙂 I want to start enjoying the health benefits asap!!! God is so good to us for providing the leave for the healing of the nations! I want to be healed physically, spiritually, and mentally…and Aloe is one way to start, along with reading His word and prayer!


      I do not know of anywhere else to get this variety… we have shipped them all over the USA… but they haven’t been multiplied and made available as of yet. Of course, the raw frozen gel is available in the meantime.

    Have you quit selling the plants?

      We do not ship them during the months where they may pass through below freezing temperatures at night since they often show up dead at their destination. Therefore, you will never see them available on the cart during the winter months, which is why we have the waiting list option. There are currently about 500 people on it and we will begin going through it sometime in April. You can, however, come to our location and purchase plants.

    After watching yr presentation on utube I am impressed .
    I grow some aloe Vera in the pots and now it produce some young pups.
    I will transplant them to other pots .
    Thank you.

    I live in NW FL, what is the Stockton’s cold tolerance? What temperature will the mature plant die?

      the aloe plants die when they freeze. You might want to re-pot some of the pups once they shoot out of the mother plant… to be able to bring them inside during the winter months just in case you loose the outdoor plants to the cold.

    does only this specific variety of aloe have yellow flowers?

      Yes, Jason, they do have deep yellow flowers.

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