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What You Can Expect – Aloe Vera Pup Ready To Plant

We stop shipping pups around October 1 and resume ~ May 1. Pups will once again be “In-Stock” next year after working through the list. Pups to Continental United States ONLY – Limit 1 per customer.

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Aloe vera pups, promptly transplanted, usually do quite well. Your new pup may lose color for a few weeks, but should then return to a healthy Aloe green as it takes root. All the pup needs is dirt, sunlight, a little water, and your love.

Shipped as a living, healthy plant out of the ground. Your care will cause it to flourish. Please note: We are unable to process returns or replacements for this item.

To see how we acquire the pups, watch this video:

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5 reviews for Aloe vera Pup — Live and Ready to Plant

  1. Jeanne Green

    I am here shopping as Mama Z had a link through to the gallon sized Aloe gel. This all looks amazing, looking forward to ordering some Aloe Gel and cremes now.
    Regarding the home grown pups. I have kept an aloe with us for about 7years now, in Colorado at 9,000 altitude. It did well , but never had pups. Last year I deeply waters the plant a few times getting it ready for our being on vacation. Then I left it in tray of over an inch of water, so its terracota planter could stay moist too. To my surprise that aloe started showing pups coming out shortly afterwards. I just did the same around Christmas just to see what would happen. And likely this reproduces some natural cycle for Aloes in nature ? Huge pups are coming out now, bigger than last year’s. Thanks for this awesome site and all the comments.

    • Dr Michael Haley

      Ha! This comment got very exciting about half-way through it!!! YAY!

  2. Tina

    I wanted to wait a bit to make my review after my plants were well established. Well, these little pups are amazing! I got 4 quite little guys just over 2 years ago (making this their 3rd summer with me) and they are already huge! (in pots, in WI!) 3 of them are already producing pups of their own. One is so big I don’t think I will be able to keep it over winter much longer and am going to experiment with cutting off the root ball like one of the aloe1 videos show.

  3. Robert Hamilton

    Best of all aloe plants.

  4. J.C. Naumowicz

    These are marvelous plants!
    I got 4 pups a little under 2 years ago. I gave one of the two medium sized ones to a friend and sadly, because of invincible ignorance and neglect, he and his wife killed it. The smallest one has grown over 75% and (my bad) has shown my learning curve in fostering its growth by loosing a couple of the original leaves. In my climate zone, these produce new center leaves every three weeks during the cool low-light winter and every two weeks or so during the summer.

    On the other side of the spectrum, the other medium sized one as-well-as the larger of the group have had explosive growth (maybe 300%) and are even producing pups – something that I wasn’t expecting for a couple more years. Since they’re potted, I’ve had to increase the pot size twice and it looks like they’ll need another size trade-up by summers end.

    I would highly recommend these to anyone considering growing aloes.

  5. Julie Johnson

    I got my babies two years ago and they growing soo big….

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