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Our website handles some countries. But we may “out-source” other parts of the world. When you go to checkout, you might be taken to a third party website that calculates actual postage charges and duties and taxes. We have them charge the duties and taxes on the front end to prevent delays in customs. Your aloe will probably be melted when delivered… but still cold.

The third party site might offer shipping choices. Please choose an option that gets your package to you in 3 days or less to prevent spoilage.

Although the transaction occurs on a third party site, we handle the shipping from our main office. We do not accept product returns for International Shipments. We do not guarantee that you will like the taste nor texture of our product.

International shipments sometimes get held up in customs where frozen products spoil and live plants die. Furthermore, many countries radiate everything that comes across the border. Some countries have significant theft problems with their mail carrier systems. We recommend you insure any products using a guaranteed 3 day or less delivery time.

30 thoughts on “International Shipping

  1. Hello,

    Do you ship to Canada? If so, do you send the product directly to my front door with a courier service (UPS, FedEx, etc.) or would it be shipped through the United States Postal Service and require that I pick it up at my post office?

    Also, what would the shipping be to Zurich, Ontario, Canada. N0M 2T0?

    Am I able to purchase postage on my end and email it to you to affix to the parcel?

    You assistance is appreciated.

    Thank you,

    1. Our website calculates through the FedEx API. Yes, you can buy the postage… but it would be a special phone order.

  2. Dr. M. Haley, Do you have a branch/ distribution center in the Philippines? I would like to Order the pups and the health drinks, but , I am not sure if the product will be received , unless you have a distribution center there. Thank you very much. DollyFennell

  3. Hi,
    I leave in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Is there a possibility to send iyour products for cancer (Aloe freez) in Tahiti or to develop a partner ship with you ?

  4. Hello
    Do you ship to Adelaide which is in Australia .
    I don’t understand what your referring to about ordering the postage & emailing it to you to affix the postage . Can’t I just pay the postage to you.
    What is your price in Australian dollars as I don’t know conversion rates .
    Is refreezing ok & for how long
    Also , how much do you recommend daily

    1. We do not have the resources for figuring out all the little details for each Country since they all have their own rules. If more people ordered Internationally, it might be worth it. But because the postage is usually over $100.00, hardly anyone does it. That is why we only do International shipping when those that want it buy the labels and complete there Country specific customs paperwork, etc. Regarding how much… your answer can be found here:

  5. Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

    1. We can ship to Puerto Rico. You can place an order by phone for now. Postage for a 2 pack (10 lb. package) is $70.00

  6. Hi! I am Julia Moldovan from Hungary and I have just watched Chris beat cancer’s programme. I would like to order from you this wonderful product frozen Aloe . I would be very thankful if you can ship this product to Hungary and l want to know what quantity you recommend and how much I have to pay for shipping? I need so much this good product!!! I am looking forward for your reply . Julia

    1. Simply call us with the details of what you would like to purchase and we will tell you the box dimensions and weight. With that, you can order the postage and email it to us to affix to your package.

    2. Dear Julia, what are your experiences with shipping? Have you succeded in ordering the product to Hungary? I am also from Hungary (also a Chris Wark fan), thank you

  7. What would the possibility of starting something Europe based?

    1. I would be willing to mentor the right person taking on the challenge.

  8. Do you know of any good products in France

    1. We are completely unfamiliar with the products in France.

  9. Dear Dr. Haley,

    I live in the UK and was wondering if you knew of any company that does what you do ( produces organic aloe vera and freezes it afterwards) because I am sure that if I order with you and ship it to the UK, it will spoil because of the weather ( its 32 celsius here) or radiation from scanning at the borders.
    Can you recommend a brand that comes close to urs here in the UK? I am worried about additives as well as laxative effects.

    Thank you ever so much,


    1. We are unaware of aloe vera anywhere near our standards. Sorry that I can’t help wit this.

      1. That is a great shame. How much would shipping be to England (UK), as I cannot find anyone else as good as you? They all seem to add citric acid and preservative.

        1. We get so many requests from UK… it’s time for someone to do something about that and start a much needed business…
          To ship our product there and get it to you in 2 days can easily cost over $100 USD… depending on how much you got.

          1. I agree, would love to start that much needed business in the UK, but suspect the costs and logistics involved may be challenging. Please let me know if you think otherwise.

          2. Yes, it is challenging… the frozen food industry is challenging and lower profit than things that do not perish… have a longer shelf life… and are light and cheap to ship. So finding synergistic products that meet those other standards helps.

      2. What about. Mannatech products which are alovera based in powder form.

        1. I have heard it is an excellent product.

  10. Chris Wark recommend Stockton aloe Vera liquid for anti- cancer drinks but am concerned am 85 yrs. old. Cancer came back in bone said could be dangerous for older. People. Am confused if I should order. Tha ks

    1. Pathogenic bacteria can be dangerous for older people or those with weak immune systems. We put the full FDA statement on our containers in accordance with the FDA. Our aloe has NEVER tested positive for pathogenic bacteria… however, just as with pasteurized foods, that does not mean contamination at some point is not possible.

  11. Hi
    I am very interested, live in Canada. Any suggestions for another product that is similar?

    1. I am not aware of any similar products in Canada… though we do ship there.

  12. That is not worth it – do you know of a similar product I can buy in Canada? Thanks

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