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Remembering Rodney Stockton

I remember Rodney Stockton…

Thank you for the update on “Rodney’s” legacy. We lost a treasure and we are the less for his passing. My history with Mr. Stockton and Aloe #1 goes back to the early-mid nineteen seventies when I was living in Illinois. I worked part time at a ladies dress shop and boutique in Chicago Heights, the Fashion Nook. At the time Mr. Stockton had a representative in Riverdale, IL who called on us, and convinced the management to carry Aloe #1 Cosmetics and creams. I started using Aloe #1 foundation and creams then.

Long after the store closed, I continued to use the foundation. “Desert Sheik” was my favorite shade of color. I ordered it directly from Mr. Stockton. In those days he answered the phone, and it was always a pleasure to chat with him. He promised he was trying to find the right packaging for the makeup and then “We’d be back in the beauty business again.” I would remind him every so often that I was still waiting for my “Desert Sheik.” I think that is when he hired a girl to answer the phone!

I am still a believer in Aloe#1 products. I have made my niece, Nichole and my grand niece, Abigail (age 3) believers, also. They live in Illinois where they have cold winters and love the Aloe #1 creams to save their skin from winter’s harshness.

I have fond memories of Mr. Stockton and want to thank him and Aloe #1 for their outstanding products.

Violet Shackelford

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