Profile of an Aloe Pioneer

Mr. Rodney M. Stockton “The Aloe Man” Mr. Stockton’s exceptional life experiences could provide the basis of a motion picture script. From his contribution to the development of cellophane, to the development and growth of a business centered on a certain unique species of Aloe vera, it would be easy to trace the path of […]

The Aloe Vera Story

By: Marian Campbell June 1973 The Aloe Vera plant is without a doubt one of the most precious gifts God has ever given to the world. As the quinine from the bark of the cinchona tree is used for malaria fever; digitalis from the purple foxglove is used for heart ailments; and penicillin from soil […]

Remembering Rodney Stockton

I remember Rodney Stockton… Thank you for the update on “Rodney’s” legacy. We lost a treasure and we are the less for his passing. My history with Mr. Stockton and Aloe #1 goes back to the early-mid nineteen seventies when I was living in Illinois. I worked part time at a ladies dress shop and […]

Aloe Vera History — Part 1

Aloe is an ancient remedy Practitioners of the healing arts have turned to the inner gel of the Aloe vera plant as a first-choice natural medicine for  wounds and skin infections for a long, long time. Aloe was one of the most popular medicines in the physician’s bag, during the 18th and 19th centuries. That seems […]

Aloe Vera History — Part II

Go to Part I Modern History of Aloe Vera: The gel from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant has been used to treat wounds and skin infections for thousands of years. The plant is grown in sub-tropical and tropical climates. For centuries, it has been one of the most respected and utilized herbal medicines. […]

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