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What is the Best Diet for Health?

lettuce for the best diet

Many people ask Dr. Haley, “What is the best diet for health? How can I decide what I should and should not eat?”

Those are really good questions.

Every other week, it seems, a different weight-loss diet or “amazing” supplement is the new craze. Movie stars endorse it, moms endorse it, young and old all swear they gained thin bodies and clears minds, with hardly any effort at all.

Here’s the problem: Those diets don’t agree with one another. They all claim to be the best diet ever invented. Some push protein. Some push carbohydrates. Some push a certain pill or liquid. And all claim to be right.

One diet crests and fails. Another diet takes its place. During the same period that “the miracle diet” concept has been in vogue, obesity has become epidemic.

That hurts.

What can you believe? What is the best diet for health?

In the past several months, we have spoken in depth about Aloe vera, gut flora, gut problems, yeast infections Candida albicans, and the nature of the microorganisms that live on and within us. In our way of looking at the situation, the gut is central to health, and any diet that doesn’t address the gut is doomed to failure.

Stockton Aloe 1 Raw Aloe Vera Gel inner filet Health Drink 58 ounces frozenOur advice, then, tends toward a diet rich in foods that support gut health and an avoidance of foods that don’t. We also believe exercise, rest, plenty of good fluids, and a right mental attitude are important — and anyone paying attention to gut health should certainly not neglect other physical, mental, and spiritual work.

That approach is working just fine for the Haley family, owners of Stockton Aloe 1. It is also working for thousands of others.

We don’t recommend anything we don’t adhere to ourselves. We urge you to drink pure, raw Aloe gel – and we drink pure, raw Aloe gel. We believe in a gut-healthy diet, and we eat that way at home. We advise exercise, and we do the same.

Our main job, here at Stockton Aloe 1, is to provide you with the best Aloe vera products available anywhere and to keep looking for new ways to improve on the applications for this marvelous ancient plant … that is true.

But we also want to pass on knowledge that can empower you to take charge of your own health and become able to help others work on themselves. Aloe can help with that, but it can’t do it all. We need you to join us in the work, to help us with the mission.

What would you advise for a healthy diet?

We recently heard from a man who said his wife ordered several gallons of the Stockton Aloe gel and two tubes of Aloe cream last spring. He said everyone in the family was thrilled about the Aloe cream. It took care of his daughter’s troublesome acne spot, his son’s rope burn, his wife’s frequent bouts of vaginal itching, and the cracking skin on his heals.

The man said they had tried everything from home remedies, to prescription drugs, and a special potion made in Wyoming, but nothing had ever worked as well as Aloe vera gel and Aloe cream.

Normally, the story would have ended there, and we would have been pleased to add his experiences to our file of testimonials. Those letters and statements from grateful customers remind us how valuable this work really is.

The man didn’t stop there, though. He went on to say it had been several months since their last order, and he wanted us to know why.

can you eat healthy at a restaurant?
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And here is the poignant part about health and diets

His family stopped ordering Aloe gel because they were unable to keep up with the cleansing diet they were on when the Aloe order was placed. For two months, they had done well and results were evident. A day off for a birthday party, though, had sent them right back to living on fast food and junk food.

Said the man:

“Our typical supper is pizza, pop, and ice cream. Breakfast is generally pastry, and lunch is usually a sandwich of some kind made with white bread and plenty of cheese – it’s the healthiest meal of the day. Drinking Aloe on top of that is like jogging while smoking a cigarette: What’s the point?”

He went on to explain that both he and his wife are borderline obese, but his wife is in denial about it. She says their weight is just fine and they should stop worrying about it. Their high school-aged daughter can’t walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath, their 12-year-old is in the 95th percentile for weight based on height, and their youngest – just 8 years old – was just diagnosed with a childhood form of GERD (LPR Reflux).

He says,

“The kids and I keep saying we are going to ‘get back on a diet.’ My wife keeps denying there is a problem and making more brownies, and I’m fresh out of good ideas. We did well on raw foods, before, but someone told me yesterday that raw foods would just make our symptoms worse. He said we need to eat plenty of fatty meats. Who are we to believe?”

Like many people, this man had never given any consideration to gut flora before. His mother used to “take a little buttermilk” for her stomach, and his aunt always canned up a stock of sauerkraut and cultured vegetables to “keep the flu away” during the winter. But he hadn’t thought of cultured foods as any different, really, from other foods.

His questions revealed how much thought he has been giving to the idea of gut flora. Once you get a glimpse of the true nature of our physical situation, you will never look at the gut in the same way. Never.

Here is what the man wants to know. How would you answer him?

Our recent focus on the gut raised some questions for the man. Here is what he wants to know:

  • Could our swollen bellies be due to an overload of bacteria?
  • Are my frequent itching skin patches due to yeast overgrowth?
  • Are our intestinal problems related to an imbalance of the gut flora?

He ended his plea like this:

“Doc, our food is killing us – it should be our medicine, but it’s not. How in the world can we stop the merry-go-round and get leveled out? I want to give my children a healthy launch in this world, not start them off sickly and tired. Right now, I feel like one of the worst parents in the world.”

Can you relate to this man’s story at all? Do you have any insight that could help?

He sounded pretty desperate to us, and Dr. Haley advised him to try again – one more time – by following the precepts of the GAPS diet.

It’s tough to get started, we know, but we have found that when people get to the end of the rope and are ready to do whatever they need to do to get well … that’s when the miracle can happen.

Are you ready to get started? Tell us so below. Let’s seek better health together.

Visit the Stockton Aloe 1 store online. Any questions? Just ask.

4 thoughts on “What is the Best Diet for Health?

    I think so……… sometimes we have to fall apart and hit the wall before we change or want to change. And, yes, until both parties see it for what it is, it’s going to be hard to change. Even if they both want to do a different “healthy” eating plan, raw vs grain free or whatever…. they have to want to change things from the way they are. It’s not easy….. for a lot of people, they’d rather continue on the comfortable path they are on. Change is often scary.

    For me, I feel it was a lot easier to change my eating habits. It didn’t take long for me to realize how good real food was and how good I felt eating it. Healthy food, cultured foods….etc……those things are a passion with me. i LOVE it.

      Thank you, Norma. Reading between the lines, I am thinking your passion spills beyond “healthy eating” into a “healthy lifestyle.” Seems to me the family described is operating from fear, not from faith. They are being pushed, not pulled.

    Do you think it’s a matter, Norma, of getting “sick and tired of being sick and tired”? It’s much easier to find people wanting to change, than to find folks actually putting in the hard work to do it. How does one gather the strength and self-will to turn away from that breakfast pastry and bowl of ice cream?

    In my own experience, it can be helpful to begin with a fast — a radical break in the status quo. That isn’t advisable with children, though. Another thing I see, with this family. is the struggle between husband and wife over what a proper diet would look like. That may be the primary impediment to progress for them. Do you agree?

    Well, I guess it’s really up to them, but they sound miserable on their present diet track. Until they decide to make up their minds and make the change to eat healthy living whole foods, they will be miserable and will continue on that downhill trail. And bigger problems are ahead for them. 🙁

    When I was younger I had a terrible diet— too much coffee, too many cigarettes, too much sugar-carbs-bad fats………and you know the drill. I ended up w/ insulin resistance, parasites, candida overgrowth, and a host of other problems-adrenal fatigue; imbalanced thyroid……etc.. I have tried to heal myself w/ good whole healthy foods, cultured foods, etc and have made a lot of headway in the process and feel MUCH better now. It doesn’t happen over night, it’s a life-style change but SO worth it.

    I still need to work on exercise, I am sporadic about that and definitely do not get enough exercise.

    I hope this family seriously thinks about the road they are on and make some lifestyle changes. It’s not worth a bad diet and a host of health problems. Good luck to them.

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