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Aloe Gel and Aloe Cream for Sore Feet

Results from using Aloe gel and Aloe Youth-Derm cream

IF A PICTURE is worth 1000 words, then this review of Aloe 1 products is equal to four pages of testimony about how well Stockton Aloe Cream and Aloe Gel work to restore skin health and relieve skin cracking — even in severe cases. Our goal is not to beat our own drum, but to give hope to those still suffering with similar problems. Like Jason, many people are still searching for a product that is more than just a dry skin moisturizer, but something that will really get to the root of the issue and help stop the pain from dry, cracking skin.

The following photos were taken two weeks apart. During that period, Jason — who had suffered for years from dry, painful, cracking skin on his feet — drank about 10 oz. of Stockton Aloe Gel per day and applied Youth-Derm Aloe Cream to his feet several times per day. He had tried may other products, even products claiming to be Aloe-based, but nothing worked … nothing, that is, until now.

He writes:

The red arrows point to the areas of most noticeable improvement. Notice the bruising on the heels, because of the deep cracks and cuts. And also the deep crack under the little toe, and the side edge. All of these deep cracks are back to the surface and I can put my shoes on without any pain for the first time in a long time.

I tell you that, in the “Before” pics, my feet constantly felt like there were tiny pieces of glass in them when I would walk and hit the heels just right. But now, the pain is completely gone!

Overall, my feet are much more supple, smooth, and less callous.

Thank you, Jason, for taking time to document your experience with Stockton Aloe #1 products. With results like this, after just two weeks, we look forward to seeing results over a longer period. Remember: don’t forget to keep using the Aloe Cream and drinking Aloe Gel when symptoms have cleared. Keep nourishing your skin as a preventative measure for continued health. We are on your side … naturally.

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