How To Preserve Raw Juice

We want you to get the most out of your raw aloe vera and other raw juices. Unlike shelf stable juices that are pasteurized and filled with preservatives, Stockton Aloe #1 brand has nothing done to it to extend the shelf life, except freezing. Perishable products tend to be much better for you… and more […]

5 Facets Of Health

Some people spend years going from doctor to doctor chasing their symptoms and trying to find a diagnosis that explains their problems. Far too often this results in failed treatments, drained bank accounts, and a continued decline of health. In most cases, the cure is in the prevention. Thomas Edison said “The doctor of the […]

Why Are Preservatives In Our Food?

“WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF PRESERVATIVES?” When I ask people this, most will say “to make it last longer”. This answer emphasizes the financial aspects of the food industry. To really understand the potential health consequences of preservatives, let us look at this from a different perspective. Imagine for a moment that you have a […]

Bed Sores and Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis (IAD)

Bed sores and pressure ulcers can be a severe medical problem for bedridden patients. This is especially true when there are additional contributing factors such as urinary and fecal incontinence. The constant pressure inhibits the healing process, traps moisture, and supports the growth of unhealthy microorganisms that contribute to skin problems such as Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis […]

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How To Beat Cancer

I have heard that being diagnosed with cancer is like having your hair on fire… when your hair is on fire, the only thing you are concerned about is putting the blaze out. But if your hair is on fire, chance are you will quickly figure out how to extinguish the flames. Cancer, on the […]

This Aloe Vera Tastes BAD!

Aloe vera drinks come in all kinds of textures and flavors. Some are close to the real thing, and others have very little Aloe vera in them at all. Some taste delicious, and others are horrid. At Stockton Aloe 1, we hand filet, grind, bottle, and freeze the Barbadensis Miller Stockton plant. What comes out […]

Fermenting Aloe Vera?

If you have been following along in recent months, you probably know that I am a big fan of fermentation. That is, I like cultured cuisines and cultured beverages not only for their tastes, but more importantly, for their health benefits. When most people think of fermented beverages, they usually think about the alcohol content; […]

How Old Are My Aloe Leaves?

At Stockton Aloe #1, we agree that eating vegetables from the green market or out of the fresh produce section, in most cases is better than buying frozen vegetables. who could possibly disagree with that? The problem with such a blanket statement, however, is that there are many exceptions. There are many things to consider […]

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Does Aloe Vera Inner Gel Help Constipation?

  Question: Does the inner leaf gel still have a desirable effect on constipation? I am confused by reading information relating to the latex/aloin being the active ingredients in achieving regular bowel activity. If the gel itself is efficacious, would it work in chronic constipation, where previously prescribed laxatives have been needed? There is a […]

Trade Secret Revealed: “Fresh Frozen Aloe”

To some it might seem strange that we use the term “Fresh Frozen” in our marketing. After all, doesn’t “frozen” imply that it isn’t fresh? Years ago Rodney Stockton, the “Aloe Pioneer“, discovered the healing potential of Aloe. Stockton studied the various species and varieties of species of the many aloes. But he didn’t stop […]