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Foodie Resources

If you are reading this, you probably like Raw Aloe Vera

and if you like raw aloe vera, you like super-healthy things…

and if you like super-healthy things, you’re going to like these 3 resources…

E3 Live

E3 Live

E3Live is organic blue-green algae in fresh frozen liquid form. I like to melt the whole bottle and pour it into smaller containers to refreeze and take out as needed. I like to add about an ounce to my first daily serving of raw aloe vera gel.

Raw Living Spirulina

Raw Living Spirulina is gourmet fresh Spirulina. Grown, live harvested. It is surprisingly tasty and easy to eat right off the spoon. Alternatively it can be stirred into a beverage such as raw coconut water. Enjoy the video I made with one of the founders.

Got Sprouts

One of my customers gave me my first bag of bean sprouts many years ago and it changed my life. In it was a mix of adzuki, mung, garbanzo, and lentil beans similar to those found HERE. I soaked them the first day and rinsed them the next day in a sprouting jar. They grew approximately 10X the size by the end of day two and were DELICIOUS. Sprouts are truly super nutrition for the price of beans when you grow them yourself. Or, you can order them grown for you from “Got Sprouts?

Find out more about sprouting HERE:

5G Summit

5G Summit

Need I say any more? The banner to the right of me says it all… and it’s starting in just a couple days…

We’ve been hearing the hype about 5G and the potential dangers. Anti 5G content is getting censored so this kind of information is hard to come by. But for those attending the 5G Summit – Facebook and YouTube won’t be able to take this down.

Not enough time to watch? I’m going to watch this instead of basketball, baseball, football, soccer… you get my drift. This is more important and nothing else is on anyway!

Click HERE to register:

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