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The International Aloe Science Council

Aloe You Too!

Today, we received an inquiry from someone wanting to know whether or not our Aloe gel is certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). This is an excellent question, one that deserves a solid answer, so we decided to respond here on the Stockton Aloe 1 Blog.

THE IASC IS A NON-PROFIT TRADE ORGANIZATION that focuses on the Aloe industry. The Council keeps up with Aloe news, monitors any legislation that might affect the industry, and maintains a certification program aimed at protecting consumers against shoddy practices leading to inferior Aloe products.

Stockton Aloe 1 applauds the efforts of the IASC … but we are not members.

Here is why:

  • Our product is appreciably different from the Aloe you typically purchase online or at the supermarket. Because of that, the IASC does not have protocols to collect, test, and certify our Aloe gel.
  • Stockton Aloe #1 is a raw, 100% pure, whole food. It does not contain preservatives. It is fresh frozen and shipped rapidly to the customer. We do not intend for our products to sit on the shelf in a warehouse or on a grocery store shelf. The IASC program, though, is designed for Aloe products that do contain preservatives.
  • We feel the IASC certification is helpful to protect consumers of processed Aloe drinks. However, the procedures the IASC uses for collection and testing would allow for degradation and fermentation of our raw and 100% pure unpreserved whole food products.
  • Stockton Aloe 1 processing standards already exceed those of the IASC. We do not know of any IASC-certified products that exceed our own specifications, including:
  • No heat processing is used. Our Aloe is not pasteurized.
  • Stockton Aloe #1 is 100% natural, pure Aloe barbadensis miller-stockton species.
  • We use the whole food inner fillet only.
  • Our Aloe gel is less than 10 parts per million aloin content (The excessive consumption of aloin is not recommended. It comes from the outer leaf, which we do not use.)
  • Stockton Aloe #1 is greater than 5% acemannan by dry weight (Acemannam is known to stimulate the immune system, destroy viruses, and provide gastrointestinal benefits. It has been used in cancer-fighting drugs and is being studied for its potential as a natural treatment and preventative for cancer.)

Stockton Aloe #1 gel has been tested in the same laboratories the IASC uses for their certification of Aloe vera, and our Aloe exceeds the standards set by the IASC for both aloin and acemannan.

Participation in the IASC certification program costs member companies thousands of dollars annually. Since our products do not contain preservatives, are not meant to sit on the shelf for extended periods, and already meet or exceed every applicable IASC standard, we feel it is better to apply that money to activities that benefit our customers, rather than to spend unnecessary money on trade organization dues.

The IASC provides the following video on their website to demonstrate the process used by most Aloe vera producers.

NOTE: This video does not display the process we use. It is a film from the IASC, showing one of their certified facilities.

YouTube video

We feel the IASC certification is beneficial among processed aloe drinks. However, the procedures they use for collection and testing would allow for degradation and fermentation of raw and 100% pure unpreserved whole food products.

Compare what you saw in the video above to our hand fillet process, as demonstrated by Dr. Michael Haley in the following video. This will show you how to fillet raw Aloe. It also demonstrates how to identify aloin.

YouTube video

So, the short answer, concerning whether or not our products are certified by the IASC is, “No, they are not.”

That said, we trust you can understand why we are not IASC members. If there was anything we could do to improve the quality of our Aloe, we would do it.

The bottom line is this: we are already using 100% pure Aloe gel from the world’s premier Aloe species, and we are processing it by the most natural means possible and without having to add chemical preservatives, fillers, or any other contaminant.

Please use the comment section below for your remarks or further questions.

At Stockton Aloe 1, we care for you … naturally.

2 thoughts on “The International Aloe Science Council

    Hi Dr Michael,

    Do you ship your Liquid Aloe to Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada?

    And if so, how much over and above are your shipping costs?

    And, will the Aloe get spoiled/ruined during the time that it takes to arrive in BC, Canada?
    Hoping of course that it doesn’t get held up at the Border Crossing for whatever reason!

    It was just discovered 1 week ago during a GI Scope that, (after suffering for almost 2 years with “Lava” HOT and very Sour nighttime puking, that totally Exasperates me and Burns my Esophagus and Throat and Voice Box sooo badly, that I’m extremely Hoarse for a day or 2) I have a Hiatus Hernia, several small Ulcers and a lot of Tissue Damage from the Burning of the Lava Hot Acid/Puke!

    I’m now taking a prescription medication for this Hot Acid Reflux or whatever it’s called, but it really isn’t helping.
    Plus the fact that I already have severe Osteoporosis that I was diagnosed with in 1987, so I don’t need anything else, like this stomach medication, eating away at my bones!

    So of course, I want to take the BEST Aloe product out there to; possibly Cure or at the very least, help lessen with the Daily Hot, Burning Suffering and Nightly Hot, Burning Puking!

    Although I keep myself propped up in my bed, the Aspiration from the Extremely HOT puking seems to always happen as soon as I nod out!!
    So now I try to stay awake, all thru the night, by watching TV all night long so that I won’t/don’t nod out…

    Anyway, If it’s not possible or beneficial to ship your Aloe to Canada, could you please recommend a similar (in all ways) 100% Pure Aloe product that would be available in BC, Canada!

    Thank You for your time and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you really soon…

    Tired of this Hot painful burning…


      Yes, we do ship to Canada. It is costly to get it to you in 3 days… and it will likely be partly melted… but still in great condition. We ship several packages every week to Canada. The import taxes are included in the postage cost… and, we actually pay a good portion of your postage. We wish it didn’t cost so much to get it to you. Our website will calculate postage for you.

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