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Oat Amino Acids

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had to take an oatmeal bath? Why did your mother add oatmeal to the water? It is traditional wisdom passed down from generations. Dating back to 2000 BC, oats, in various forms including tea, food, and baths, were used to treat insomnia, anxiety and skin conditions like eczema, burns and other inflammatory eruptions. Then, in the late 19th Century, the remedy was revived as adding oats to one’s bath became a growing trend. By the 1950’s, researchers noticed changes in their qualitative data analysis. Users were now reporting a significant tangible improvements in their skin and hair when using oat derived products, describing the feel of the skin as being “softer”, and the hair “silkier”, when including oats in their cosmetic routines.  The Oat Amino Acids in Youth-Derm® Ultra Healing Aloe Cream are sourced from non-genetically modified, renewable and sustainable resources.

The outer part of the oat groat is rich in vitamins and lipids that aid the skin. Oats help to add moisture, protect and sooth the skin, and have PH balancing properties. These properties help to protect against the detrimental effects of environmental exposure. Unlike whole proteins, amino acids have low molecular weights (approximately 300 Daltons), and are therefore readily soluble in water. In skin care, plant derived amino acids can also easily penetrate the stratum corneum for enhanced moisturization.

A study titled, Amino Acid composition of Oat Groats, was done in 1971 by George S. Robbins, Yeshajahu Pomeranz, and Lee W. Briggle. The study showed that -“Protein and 17 amino acids were determined in 289 samples of oat groats covering a wide range of genetic material. The samples contained 12.4 to 24.4% crude protein (average 17.1%). Chemical analyses of the oat hydrolysates indicated that the amino acid composition was nutritionally superior to that of other cereal grains.”

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