Aloe Vera Gel and Immunity

PREAMBLE NEW CLINICAL RESEARCH PROVES ALOE VERA GEL GOES TO EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY AND KEEPS EVERY ORGAN FUNTIONING CAN HELP PRESERVE ORGAN FUNCTION AFTER MASSIVE DEADLY AMOUNT OF BLOOD LOSS The Aloe Vera Gel can help keep alive trauma victims such as battlefield casualties until they can get a blood transfusion. Researcher stated […]

Aloe Research Packet Cover

PREAMBLE Rodney M. Stockton presented research to: Dr. Barbara Moulton M. D. And eight doctors of the FDA January, 1959. 35 of the top Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Joint Armed Services Medical Division “I was asked to present the research to Admiral Frank D. Voris M.D., for his final approval” (Rodney Stockton) This […]

Aloe Vera on AIDS

  Potential Impact of Aloe Vera on AIDS Housed in the leaves of the aloe vera plant is a treasure trove of vital nutrients and minerals beneficial to the human body. Long-used to soothe skin burns and dermatological diseases, aloe vera has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Evidence also shows aloe vera’s potential to boost the […]

Chemical Properties of Aloe Vera

  The medical and cathartic use of Aloe vera has been recorded since the ancient civilizations. The plant’s Aloe vera gel is most commonly employed for everything from bug bites to burns. A deeper, scientific look into the physical and chemical make-up of Aloe vera reveals why the plant is effective in healing wounds, aiding […]

Aloe Vera For Dental Health

  The most popular uses of aloe vera are for skin burns, wounds and as an internal healer aiding stomach issues. However, recent studies have revealed another use for this healing plant. In his article, “Aloe Vera: Its Potential Use in Wound Healing and Disease Control in Oral Conditions”, Dr. Timothy E. Moore said that […]

Remembering Rodney Stockton

I remember Rodney Stockton… Thank you for the update on “Rodney’s” legacy. We lost a treasure and we are the less for his passing. My history with Mr. Stockton and Aloe #1 goes back to the early-mid nineteen seventies when I was living in Illinois. I worked part time at a ladies dress shop and […]

Aloe Vera History — Part 1

Aloe is an ancient remedy Practitioners of the healing arts have turned to the inner gel of the Aloe vera plant as a first-choice natural medicine for  wounds and skin infections for a long, long time. Aloe was one of the most popular medicines in the physician’s bag, during the 18th and 19th centuries. That seems […]

Aloe Vera History — Part II

Go to Part I Modern History of Aloe Vera: The gel from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant has been used to treat wounds and skin infections for thousands of years. The plant is grown in sub-tropical and tropical climates. For centuries, it has been one of the most respected and utilized herbal medicines. […]


Sábila is Aloe in Spanish; that is, aloe vera. The inner part, often referred to as the “crystal” is the source of aloe vera gel. It is not uncommon to continue to refer to aloe vera as sabila in non-Spanish speaking countries. The gel from the sabila plant has traditionally been used to treat various skin […]

Aloe and Acid Reflux and Heartburn

The following testimonial comes from a recent Aloe #1 Aloe Vera Gel customer. To see the original, click here. To my new Best Friends at Stockton Aloe. Thank you for your miracle. You told me what to do and it worked!! Please pass my experience on to others, so they can find resolve for their […]

Nutrition Therapy

Chemotherapy is Chemotoxicity   It is interesting how we choose words based on their sellability. For example, “health care” is really “sick care.” Nobody wants to buy sick care, so they call it health care. You don’t go to the doctor when you are healthy, but when you are sick. If you go when you […]

Aloe Testimonials

  So far, Dick is drinking the aloe and not making too many faces. I hope it works as well for him as it does for me. I really feel great and seem to be [great]. My last annual physical, was really good. I’m 78 and my lab work was excellent and so was the […]

Aloe Vera Gel

The name “aloe” is the genus within the Lilly family that aloe vera comes from. Whether aloe belongs in the Lilly family is in debate. In 2003, the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group changed aloe to the Asphodelaceae family. But not all taxonomists recognize the Asphodelaceae family. So for all practical purposes, for now, aloe is still in […]

Aloe #1 Youth Derm® Ointment

PREAMBLE 70% Genuine Aloe Vera Gel The Barbadensis-Miller-StocktonTM Specie Privately Grown Research demonstrated regeneration of tissue twice as fast as the controls, and healing without scar tissue. “Experimental Thermal Burns” published in Industrial Medicine and Surgery 28.8, 364-368 8/59. Reprints available upon request. “High energy electron injury” “Indication the Aloe Vera Ointment may bring about […]

Aloe Vera Gel Drink 58 oz.

Our Aloe Vera Gel Drink is also available in 58 oz. bottles. We ship the bottles of aloe vera gel drink frozen. The bottles of fresh frozen aloe vera gel drink is usually thawed by the time the customer receives it. The aloe vera gel drink should be placed in the refrigerator promptly for use or in […]