Does Aloe Vera Inner Gel Help Constipation?

  Question: Does the inner leaf gel still have a desirable effect on constipation? I am confused by reading information relating to the latex/aloin being the active ingredients in achieving regular bowel activity. If the gel itself is efficacious, would it work in chronic constipation, where previously prescribed laxatives have been needed? There is a […]

Trade Secret Revealed: “Fresh Frozen Aloe”

To some it might seem strange that we use the term “Fresh Frozen” in our marketing. After all, doesn’t “frozen” imply that it isn’t fresh? Years ago Rodney Stockton, the “Aloe Pioneer“, discovered the healing potential of Aloe. Stockton studied the various species and varieties of species of the many aloes. But he didn’t stop […]

Growing Your Greens

We were really honored to have John Kohler from Growing Your Greens come and visit our urban farm in Pompano Beach. John took his subscribers for a partial tour of our gardens. He spent much of the time focusing on our specialty, Aloe Vera. John Kohler demonstrated a knowledge of aloe farming that until now […]

Vitamix S30

You know I have been a fan of Vitamix blenders – the last blender you would ever have to buy. Well, it seems I may have been wrong… I just received a notice about the new Vitamix S30. It a personal blender with 20 and 40 oz. containers. It is built with the same standards […]

Why Haven’t I Received My Order?

Many people order on the internet and wonder why they haven’t received their order yet. We process many orders every day. Some get shipped that same day and are delivered the very next day. However, in some circumstances, you may have to wait much longer… If you placed your order online, we may have processed […]

How To Make Sauerkraut

Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities. (1 Timothy 5:23 KJV) There are many reasons why, in modern society, people have sick guts. But it seems that this is nothing new. It was about 2000 years ago that Paul told Timothy to consume a fermented beverage […]

What Does Aloe Vera Taste Like

At Stockton Aloe 1, we do NOT decolorize nor deodorize our aloe. That is, we do not “process” it with diatomaceous earth and activated carbon, we do not filter, and we do not “standardize” our end product. Our customers get the gel that came out of the plant – nothing else. THAT MEANS EVERY CONTAINER […]

The Anti-Cancer Diet

As a physician, I have spoken to many patients that currently have or at one time had cancer. Many have commented on the confusion that exists when it comes to which foods to eat and which to avoid. That is, many physicians and nutrition experts give conflicting advice when it comes to which foods are […]

How to LIVE

Here we are again, another year just beginning. What will 2014 hold for you? Will this be the year you finally stick with that diet and lose weight? Will you work up the courage and determination to make those life-changes you’ve been promising yourself (and others) … what is in store for you in this […]

Gut Flora – Can They Really Speak?

I have a theory. It’s not a scientific theory. It’s certainly not something you would hear Doc Haley prescribing to a patient – but it’s a theory, and it’s my own. Chances are, it has no scientific validity whatsoever – yet it is a way of thinking about gut flora that helps me and my […]

Aloe Joy® Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Aloe Joy® (97%) is our organically grown Aloe vera. We hand-fillet the inner gel from the potent and rare barbadensis-miller-stockton variety. It is never heated, filtered, or preserved; nor is it ever powdered and reconstituted. We make sure Aloe Joy® is formulated and handled a manner that will retain the natural lubricity […]