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You want an Aloe1 Special Discount Coupon Code?

We frequently get phone calls from new potential customers seeking a discount… we HARDLY EVER discount our products… but you may be in luck!

You see, the frozen food industry has the least room for profit. When we took over this product line in 2010, we actually lowered the prices and kept them the same since. Our expenses have certainly increased. But we are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible.

We do manufacture other products that have longer shelf lives and more customary profit margins. You will see aloe1 coupons for bundled products that include non-frozen products… and sometimes… every now and then… the raw frozen aloe gel to drink will, all by itself, be on sale or have a coupon code.

Our best specials can be found in the “SHOP”… when we have them…

But if you want a discount on EVERYTHING in your cart on your first purchase including raw aloe vera, use the coupon code “SEVEN” (online orders only). This coupon will NOT work for things on sale, the monthly special (if we have one), and can not be combined with other coupons. It is a “One Time Per Person” coupon code. Please do not ask others to order for you so you can use it again… we are doing our best here and want to continue to offer our products. Thank you for your patronage.

If you searched and found other coupon codes online, don’t be surprised when they don’t work. Coupon websites display FAKE COUPON CODES because they are only interested in traffic. You will notice that these sites also have advertisements on them. That is how they make their money. It is a scam. Don’t waste your time. Many have called us upset that the coupon codes they found online didn’t work. The reality is… THEY NEVER EXISTED. But “SEVEN” ACTUALLY WORKS!

Lastly, if you forget to use your coupon code, please do not call us asking us to apply it after the fact. Instead, use it on your next order. Our typical customer dabbles in our products on their first order… but when they realize the quality, they go “all-in”. So if you forgot to use your coupon code, you’ll probably score bigger next time.