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How To Harvest Aloe Vera Leaves

In this video, Dr. Michael Haley demonstrates how to harvest aloe vera leaves.


Hi I’m Dr. Michael Haley and I’m going to show you how I get so much dirt under my fingernails. This is… I’m going to take some leaves off this but it’s growing kind of crooked – it’s a little top heavy. I’m going to take the whole thing… the first thing I notice oh, we got some babies on these roots. This root system we’re gonna have to keep. You can see all the little babies here, and here’s one that… that kind of fell off. But… And the leaves, some of them are healthy and some of them aren’t [Music]

Let’s see; I’m going to get in there about… at the bottom at the base

So we’ll plant this somewhere else and let all of – these you see all the gazillion of babies that are growing off this.

But, while I got this out of the ground, I’m gonna put it back in the ground. Some of these are keepers, some of these are throwaways. This looks like it’s kind of thick – we’ll probably get a good bit of gel out of that one. And I’m taking them, notice, in the order that they are; and let’s see, the next one on the bottom is this one. And you can just see how I get the whole thing off so the leaf is never even opened as long as I get them in the right order. This looks like the next one

and then this one

and let’s get a few more…

So we’ll harvest these. We’ll get the gel out of them and drink that. Let me take one more… this is, you can see how beautiful they’re getting as we work our way up, just nice and thick beautiful healthy leaves. And… let’s see, I think I’ll leave it like that. I’m gonna get rid of the flower because for one it’s just gonna weigh it down and the other thing is is bees will want to get in there and exchange DNA with other plants. We don’t want them cross-pollinating with inferior plants. So now, I’m just going to take this and this one I’m keeping in a pot. Some I’m gonna grow on the ground some I’m gonna grow in the pot. I have another flower to take off.

and in the ground she goes.

In a few weeks, this will be growing up straighter. It will have a whole new root system – nice and healthy again. I’ll leave it right like that.

I’m Dr Michael Haley from Haley Nutrition. Check us out at

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