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Live Beyond Organic — Reading Circle 2

Jordan Rubin

The doctors and their prescription pads couldn’t help Jordan Rubin. He was down to skin and bones before finally getting the help he needed. And that last-gasp advice, from a rather unorthodox nutritionist, transformed his life.

Jordan gained 29 pounds during 40 days of intense dietary focus, and he regained the health others thought was lost forever. In his own words, “Considering my diseases were considered medically ‘incurable,’ and with what I’d been through for nearly two years, this was an absolute miracle.”

The suffering he endured — and the healing he received — not only made an incredible physical difference in Jordan’s life, but it gave him vision for the future and inspired him to devote himself to helping others experience the same incredible turnaround.

The article that got him started

Dr. Morton Walker, a medical researcher and writer, heard about Jordan and asked for an interview. The result was “One Man’s Journey from Sickness to Health,” an in-depth account of Jordan’s story to that point. After it was published, thousands of people contacted Jordan for advice – desperate to find an answer for themselves or for loved ones.

With a firm conviction that “food is the best medicine,” a credit card borrowed from his father, and the use of a friend’s garage, Jordan began designing whole food supplements that would become the first products offered by his new company, Garden of Life®.

He had the answers to the questions

Working as stock boy at a health food store, Jordan began answering questions for which the sales clerks had no answer. Soon, customers were returning with reports about how a skin condition, internal ailment, or other difficult problem had been solved by following Jordan’s advice. In 2002, his first book was published, and that one work — Patient, Heal Thyself — now has more than a million copies in print.

To date, Jordan Rubin has over 20 books to his credit, he has become a sought-after speaker and television show host, and Garden of Life has blossomed into an internationally known and highly regarded brand of health-promoting products.

Food has become big business

Says Jordan:

Even before our food is mass-produced in some industrial bakery or far-off factory, the ingredients have been sprayed with pesticides, pumped up with additives and preservatives, and stripped of vital nutrients.

Jordan’s initial decision to change his diet and see food differently was born from necessity. Today, however, he knows he has a choice. And you have that same choice. Will you join us on the journey?

This installment ends the introduction to Live Beyond Organic. Next time, our plan is to go on to chapter one and Why “Beyond Organic”?

We hope to see you then.

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4 thoughts on “Live Beyond Organic — Reading Circle 2

    Is this reading circle still active?

      It is not. Probably time to retire this page…


    Please let me know of any specific brands of non-toxic cookware. Please help, I need to replace my cookware immediately. I also have a grandkid diagnosed with small amount of lead in his body , if you have any dietary information or any information.

    Thank you,

      Iris, we switched to stainless steel cookware. Doctor Haley may have something to say on the topic — but stainless seems best to me.

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